GEN ENERGY 4-Channel Simultaneous Charger and Power Station (6A)

The G-CB100 is a World-first 4Ch 6A charger, it means that you can charge 4 units of V-Mount batteries simultaneously and it even has the power bank function so you can power up your gears such as camera, lighting, etc.., using XLR 4pin power cable. You can exchange the 100% discharged battery pack with new one, hot swappable. If AC input, then 14.4V is discharged from AC power. If AC is disconnected, 14.4V discharging 10A sum continuously from battery one by one, if 290Wh, 290 x 4 = 1160Wh discharging continuously. Charging time; B-100/98W : about 3 H B-100/160W or 195W : about 3 H 20M